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Custom Saddle Conchos

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Visit my set of Texas music icons's Willie, Lyle Lovett, Townes Van Zantdt and Stevie Ray Vaughan...sculpted on US silver quarters...available as single conchos or for leather or metal link belt.
10% of profits for Musician conchos donated to Sims Foundation providing medical benefits to working musicians in Austin, Texas, live music capitol of the world. (according to Texans)
Visit Allen's Bit A Texas Quarter Horses
Each concho set is made from hand hammered silver US 50 cent pieces and silver dimes. I create the custom set of conchos often duplicating the brand of the outfit or an individuals initial or initials. The set of 4 large conchos and two small dime size conchos have a brass wood screw silver soldered to the backside for secure placement into the saddle body. A matching bola tie can be created as well. Visit Skeeter's Saddle House for a fine custom made saddle.
Have your brand created on a hand hammered silver concho...Or have conchos made for your custom saddle.
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A bola tie from a hand hammered US 50 cent piece with your brand...