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  This is a Hubble Space Telescope of the Helix Nebula made by the Hubble Space Telescope and circulated in May 2003 as the Astronomical Photo of the Day.

Earth Is the Eye of God©1999

It's always interesting to speculate where we fit into the scheme of things. Given the miraculous fact of our existence, nothing would surprise me. This art piece has a home. Living in this curious material world.....The following medallions are available on request. Each is available with the special persons name engraved along with the title on the backside of the art.

Heart in my Hands©
This hand shaped heart came to me in a dream, the hands are cast in sterling silver. The central heart is gold. I can engrave a special message on the backside. Cost is $48 without a gold heart in the hands, or with the gold heart as shown it is $85. It comes with a leather cord. Postage is extra. It's slightly smaller than a US quarter.

The Bird of Pray is available in all sterling silver as a pendant or pin. It is shown with an amethyst eye. It is approximately 1 1/4" tall and 1 5/8" wide. The original in gold, silver and brass is shown on the "Workbench page". $75 plus postage/insurance.


The Mother Ship

a gold and sterling silver or all silver...engraved on the back with the title, your mother.s name, love ...from... and signed...

is a Lifeboat.


with three children...


with seven sons...
The Mother ship in sterling silver with 1 - 8 hearts is $60, with 1-3 gold hearts is $115...more hearts added on request....... Order.

Heart Anchor ©
The heart is free to wander but is tethered to your soul. It has a silver/gold heart on an anchor of silver. The anchor would fit within a silver US dime. $45 in all sterling silver on a leather cord. $68 with a 14K gold heart on silver anchor. Chain is available on request...Postage/insurance in US approximately $4.00.

The Future Is In Your Hands ©

Fingerprints never lie and your palm may record everything you have ever been or done but your lifeline is always incomplete,
the future is in your hands.

The original was made from a hand hammered silver quarter, therefore this medallion is slightly larger than a US quarter.
The title is engraved on the reverse side, if ordered by mail I can add an engraved name. ($38 plus postage.)


Peace Now Peace Later©

This dove of peace and dove nest with eggs promises a more durable peace. It is made from a hand hammered silver 50 cent piece,
hand cut and stamped, the doves eye is black onyx. It is hanging from a sterling silver serrated bead. It is $85.
Peace Now Peace Later made from a silver quarter and cast in sterling silver is $38 plus postage.

One Love
This medallion is hand hammered from a US silver quarter. The loop is made of sterling silver wire.
It is available with a leather cord or on a silver chain.


Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Medallion - Holding the Peace Together©

The day Mr. Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli jew, an image came into my mind of a broken Star of David and later the communal hands holding the peace together. Please work for peace whereever you might be. This medallion is 1 1/16 inch (26mm) in diameter. The original is cut from a hand hammered silver US quarter. It is cast in sterling silver and is available as a pendant with a silver chain or with a leather cord. On the reverse is engraved the above title, Y. Rabin (1922-1995) and is signed.
This medallion is displayed by Norwegian author Michael Holmboe Meyer on the
Nobel Prize Internet Archive.($38 plus postage.)



Light of the Menorah©

This medallion is created on a hand hammered and hand stamped silver US quarter (90% silver). A garnet stone is centered. There is a hole cut thru the metal behind the stone to let the light shine through the stone. It is approximately 1 1/4 inch in diameter. A leather cord is shown. Silver chain is available. ($45 plus postage.)

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These medallions are available to order. If you have further questions please contact.

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