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Birthdates - Maya Calendar Round - Anniversary Date Pendants
The maya Calendar Round is a 52 year cycle of unique dates rather than a 365 1/4 day cycle. I use this maya date calculator to determine the proper translation from our Gregorian calendar to the maya calendar.

Maya Birthdate Pendants in sterling silver
from the Maya Calendar Round ...
Pendants come on a leather cord shown above.
Sterling silver chains available.
Engraved...To...Love....etc. (as requested.)

Maya Calendar Date Birthdate/Anniversary Date Earrings
in sterling silver...$145
with hanging jade bead...

ka na ee ya

Writing Your Name with Maya Glyphs

Created in sterling silver. Just as we use letters for sounds representing the writing of our names, maya glyphs can be used to represent the syllables of our english language...
$145....Postage and insurance added.

Maya Glyph Pendants $55

Balam $55
add stone $68

Ah Dz'ib
Writer's (Scribe) Glyph

Touch the Earth
U Kab Panamil

Birth $55
Birthstone on sterling silver background $145
Tzutz glyph on
silver background
with jade. $155
add stone $68
Marriage glyph $55
With jade on sterling silver background $135

Ah Dz'ib
Writer's (Scribe) Glyph
This glyph would precede the name of the scribe. $55

Huna - Her Book
This is available as a silver pendant $55
Bead extra.

Kakaw $55

Moon Goddess
Rabbit in theMoon
$55 add stone $65

kuh-owl $68

Maya Kuk
Quetzal $55

Contact me to order other glyphs you may be interested in.

The head variants of the maya numerals© (0-19) Each of these maya head profiles represent a specific number from 0 - 19. They are used by the maya to record time intervals on the long count calendar which is their record of the total number of days since the beginning of the maya calendar in 3114 BC. $55 in sterling silver.
Maya Universe
#7 Heaven
#9 Earth
#13 Underworld


Pendant...a section of the Maya Tree of Life....Palenque....from the Temple of the Inscriptions by Jim 1969
...size 2 1/2 " tall....
with Guatemalan jade $275...


Other Custom Orders

Hunab Ku


Welcome to the annual University of Texas Maya Meetings

View from the Temple of the Inscriptions - Palenque

Dictionary of Maya Heiroglyphs ...created by John Montgomery

Jim Lutz/BolaMan ... Quicksand Farm ... Manor, Tx.
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