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Maya Glyph Jewelry
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Email Jim for orders... ... Austin area
Accept payment by paypal.

Maya Calendar Round - Birthdates/Anniversary Date Pendants

Maya Birthdate Pendants in sterling silver
from the Maya Calendar Round ...
Pendants come on a leather cord shown above.
Sterling silver chains available.
Engraved...To...Love....etc. (as requested.)

Maya Calendar Date Birthdate/Anniversary Date Earrings
in sterling silver...$145
...available in gold....

Calendar date glyphs can also be purchased on my hand made charm bracelet or on a bola tie as shown below.

Maya Birthdate

Shown above with
carnelian stones.

This requires a
determination of proper
size of the band.
Email me at...

Maya glyph
date on Bola tie

Bola tie comes on
a hand hammered
US silver 50 cent piece background with a black leather braided cord and sterling silver tips...$225
...What's a BolaTie?...

Calendar Date
Link Bracelet
You can order the maya calendar date glyphs on a sterling silver handmade charm link bracelet.

All glyphs are available in gold and sterling silver. Prices shown are for glyphs in sterling silver.

Visit a Maya Date Calculator (See the 7th - 8th frame for the 52 year cycle Calendar Round date). Information about the cosmos from a Maya perspective can be found at Maya Astronomy.

Maya Glyphs...added to a handmade charm bracelet.

This hand made sterling silver link charm bracelet is available with or without glyphs. The handmade link bracelet alone is available for $98... The above maya glyphs can be ordered separately or in a set. Individual pendant glyphs shown above listed individually below. Sterling silver glyphs $55 unless otherwise marked.

ka na ee ya

Writing Your Name with Maya Glyphs

Created in sterling silver. Just as we use letters for sounds representing the writing of our names, maya glyphs can be used to represent the syllables of our language...
$145....Postage and insurance added.
Contact Jim for more

Maya Custom Glyph Rings ...more

A wedding
a beach....

Anniversary Dates
or Birthdate Glyphs

Chappelle style

Maya Long Count
Calendar Date Glyph Ring
Calendar Date Ring

Maya Way glyph
the animal companion spirit

Glyph design


Glyph Bracelets

The Maya World©

This link bracelet in sterling silver or gold includes (from left) the maya numeral for
the heavens (9), calendar day glyph, maya numeral for the earth (7), calendar month glyph,
maya numberal representing the underworld (13), and the maya glyph representing
the lord of the night for a specific birthday or anniversary date (glyphs 2&4). $425 in
sterling silver. Contact Jim for stone preference.

Custom bracelets

Maya....Hunab Ku

Quetzel in the Temple

Unique Maya Pendants

On each of these glyphs I engrave on the backside the maya/english name of the glyph...I can also personalize a gift by adding someones ""....each piece is signed and dated as well. Individual glyph pendants are generally $55 each plus postage in sterling silver. Also available in gold.
... Each pendant comes on a black leather cord. Payment by paypal...
Email for more information...

Pendant...a section of the Maya Tree of Life....Palenque....from the Temple of the Inscriptions by Jim 1969
...size 2 1/2 " tall....
with Guatemalan jade $275...

Upended Frog
To Give Birth

Both the Upended Frog and
Touch the Earth are glyphs representing birth. I can engrave a newborns name on the backside. $55 ... Add jade bead $65
Choose a birthstone.
Touch the Earth
U kab panamil...


Jaguar -Balam

The most potent Maya totem....Balam... Choose a stone set in a silver bezel.....Available with jade (as shown), black onyx,amethyst, turquoise....$65 plus postage.

Itz'at - Artist, sage

The headgear displaying tools of the art...A variety of stones can be chosen to add to the ear ornament as requested....shown with black onyx.....$65 plus postage.

Tzutz glyph on
silver background
with jade. $145

Tzutz - Graduation (Completion)

The tzutz glyph represents completion and often is used to represent graduation. The pendant to the left is available with a sterling silver or (right) copper background. The glyph parts are sterling and the stone is jade, the revered stone of the Maya.

Tzutz glyph on
copper background
with jade. $145.


Marriage glyph $55
Marriage glyph with Jade on sterling silver background ...$135

Requested engraving added
to the back of a pendant.

Maya Cufflinks.... $145
Marriage glyph cufflinks can Cufflinks could be made using many of the glyphs on display.

Ah Dz'ib
Writer's (Scribe) Glyph

This glyph would precede the name of the writer... written by.
The recorder of events and history would have a revered place in the maya heirarchy. $55

I can engrave on the reverse the authors name and book or thesis title etc.

Huna - Her Book

This is available as a silver pendant ($55) or with turquoise as shown with a copper or silver background. Here with turquoise. ($145)

The head variants of the maya numerals© (0-19) Each of these maya head profiles represent a specific number from 0 - 19. They are used by the maya to record time intervals on the long count calendar which is their record of the total number of days since the beginning of the maya calendar in 3114 BC. $55 in sterling silver.
Maya Universe
#7 Heaven
#9 Earth
#13 Underworld

Maya Kuk
Quetzal $55


All glyphs
available with unique
stones... $95...Ask Jim.

Maya Kuk
The beautiful quetzal with the long, flowing colorful tailfeathers that are seen in the images of the headdresses of the maya..

Kakaw $55

Many new world foods were introduced to the Old World by the native americans. There are numerous glyphs demonstrating the Maya process of preparing and using the cocoa bean.

Kuh...Maya Owl

In sterling silver...$65 ... Available in gold as photographed above.



Example of a "framed" glyph available as a pin. Your choice of glyph could be presented in this manner. This framed glyph is the number one...It is silver and copper. $85

Maya Moon Goddess
Rabbit in the Moon

It's interesting that the Maya and the ancient Chinese saw a rabbit in the moon and valued equally the beautiful and durable mineral Jade. $65 with jade bead... $55 without bead.

Zotz - The bat glyph. There are many depictions of the bat glyph. This is one of my favorites.
$65 with jade bead.
$55 without bead.

Maya Emblem Glyphs
$65 pendants



Maya Deer - Chij $55
Any of the glpyhs can be added to a keychain.....This is the maya deer glyph ...
Deer surround the woodlands around Austin Texas where I live in the country.



I recently was asked the question....Why is there an image of a fish in the word for cocoa or chocolate?

The language of the maya was created over time from the verbal to the written as in all languages. The written language as well evolved over the centuries of Maya rule. The word for fish is "ka"......I presume the word for fish occurred in the verbal form very early on. As the Maya written language evolved over the centuries, other glyphs as well were used for the "ka" sound.

At any rate when written language was invented by the maya....early on pictographs were used for the words therefore a drawing of a fish was used for the word "ka.... or fish". Other glyphs as well could be used to represent the "ka" sound.

It's interesting that our word for cocoa apparently came directly from the maya word "kakaw" cocoa is indigenous of the "new world" and brought to Europe by the early spanish explorers..

As writing evolved pictographs weren't suitable for many sounds and other more abstract symbols took their place of sounds just as we use letters (symbols) for sounds rather than pictographs....the maya created their own set of symbols or glyphs to represent sounds. Just as any language that is in use is in a dynamic state, the verbal and written language of the Maya changed over the centuries of the Classic Maya era. There are often therefore many depictions of written language that differ from place to place and time to time.


Please Support...

Click image to view short documentary. Children collect items for salvage from the dump outside Guatemala City, one of the largest dumps in the world.

Karen's Soy Nutrition Project ....Guatemala City

More than three hundred children of families living in Central America’s largest dump and landfill are now receiving good quality, nutritious foods every week. Click Image for more info...

Plenty International is one of the organizations making a difference in the lives of maya families in Central America. Help support them. A portion of the profit from my sales of maya glyph jewelry help support this endeavor organized by friends Tomas and Karen Heikkela who have had a long association with Plenty



Welcome to University of Texas Maya Meetings

Remembering Maya Scholar Linda Schele, UTexas Maya Scholar and Author
View from the Temple of the Inscriptions - Palenque
Maya Shaman Ceremony in Guatemala for Linda Schele (Jul 98) (photo)
Video available - Edgewalker - A Conversation with Linda Schele

Dictionary of Maya Heiroglyphs ...created by John Montgomery
available courtesy of FAMSI, the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.


Hunab Ku

Ordering Information

I hand wax carve and cast each glyph in sterling silver or gold as requested.... On the reverse I engrave the appropriate information about each glyph. I can add to the engraving an individuals name or ie. "To......Love....."etc.

Individual glyphs are generally $55 except where noted.

Postage and insurance are added to the prices listed above.

Request more info from Jim at


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