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Joy.....I could make this in sterling or 14K gold.......


Merry Christmas Robert and Terri Phillips

Shauna, This is some sample lettering for your Barrel Racing Organization to view. The lettering is cut into the metal. I would do the 2002 lettering like the MLB lettering. The conchos would also have a rope around the periphery of each concho. The 5 letters of your organization would probably need to have a little arc to them.

Maya Glyph Bracelet
....for Eddie....this is my bracelet with the Glyph for the Quetzal...a Jaguar would look very good here as well. The glyph is wax carved and cast in sterling, the band is 16 gauge sterling, I make all my stamps by hand. The stones are carnelian. To size your bracelet you can fold a sheet of aluminum foil so that it eventually has 7 or 8 folds of metal, bend it to your size, straighten it back out and tell me the exact length. It usually is between 5 1/2 inch to 6 1/4 inch before bending. I have also made thinner, more feminine bands as well.

Maya link belt- SW style"

J...The conchos will be similar, stamped differently with/without the copper background.

Drawing "Bird of Paradise" and a "Mother and Child"

Linda H.....This is a different mother and child and also this is a new piece that I plan to make but haven't started. I thought you might be interested. The drawing is a "Bird of Paradise".

Jek....this pendant is made from a silver quarter, the infinity loop on the top is 14K gold, shiprock mountain is 50%silver and 50%gold, the star to the upper right is 14K gold, the cloud/angel engraving is in the sky and the stone is carnelian. The top loop is silver.

Balam...the jaguar
Pat...this is the larger jaguar with a hanging amethyst....the jaguar below the top loop is 3/4 inch tall.

Mother and Child
This is available as a pendant in silver or gold. I can engrave the birth info on the backside. Que piensas?

Lucille, This is the bola titled Lucille that I mentioned to you. It's a few years old. An Austin blues player owns it. It's silver with gold notes and knobs on the head, gold anklet, the neck is wound copper wire, the stone is garnet. It definitely has a feminine aspect.

Y. Rabin Memorial Medallion - Holding the Peace Together
For Gabi, Love Jessica

Patricio, (Bracelet plan) Here is the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent illustrated from 700-900 AD. Image from Eagle Warrior standing on serpent at Cacaxtla, Mexico.

Carolyn- here are a couple of cool cats, topcat on the left is sold, the balam on the right is made for a necklace or bolatie and includes the maya colors for the 4 directions and is available. I also make 2 kinds of cool cat earrings.

Lloyd and Margaret... here is the "Willie in Another Time", the 2nd of 3 Willies. It is a pin. I figure if Willie was around a couple of hundred years ago, he might love the adventure and surprise of the pirate life.

lisa,akumal drawings for ring.

This is the image of the together glyph with a copper background and a jade stone.

India, this is the earth glyph with an amethyst stone .

AA...This is the glyph and scorpion, not shown is the engraving on the backside.

Evolution of Hunab Ku...


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