Sizing information below........

The friendship bracelet is made of sterling silver with 3 bracelelt bands of gold on the wrists....$145 each is hand made.....

This is my new sterling silver charm bracelet with several of the pendants I have created. Each has it's name engraved on the backside. My handmade chain bracelet is $88...only $78 if any one or more glyphs are added. Each additional sterling silver pendant is priced as follows: pictured from left to right...
Mother and Child....$46
Left Handed Society....$42
The Dramatic Life...$52
God's Eye Cross ....$58.....request stones....(amethyst, carnelian, garnet, black
Heart in My Hands..(silver & gold)....$95      onyx, lapiz and green jade, turquoise) 
Peace Now... Peace Later...$46
In God Is Music....$58....request stone.....(see stones listed above)
The Future Is In Your Hands....$46.....

Postage/Insurance is charged for each package...
The name of each medallion is engraved on the backside.
There is room for additional"For......Love........" or other words....

The same sterling silver charm bracelet is available as well with a variety of maya glyphs also shown on the Mayaglyph page......I handmake each sterling silver bracelet for $88...

The prices for the additional maya glyphs are as follows...from the left....

Pixan..Soul and Good Fortune....$46
Kuk....The maya quetzal....$46
Birth glyph....Touch the earth....$46
Birth glyph....The upended frog....$46
Ix chel...Maya moon goddess...$46
Balam....Jaguar..(includes a stone at the base (Not shown..$58
Teonanactyl (Aztec)....God's Flesh....Magic Mushrooms...$46
additional glyphs on the Mayaglyph page.


Maya End Date
The Maya End Date is on the Maya "Long Count" calendar is December 21, 2012....This sterling silver bracelet is hand engraved with this end date.


This is a sterling silver cuff bracelet....Jammin'..... I handmake each stamp which makes the impressions in the band. The stamps are made from steel valve stems. Each jammin bracelet is individually stamped and slightly different and unique. $75 plus postage and insurance...sales tax in Texas. Bracelet shown in flat dimension.

....the jammin' bracelet reminds me of that old song....
"wake up little Susie, wake up little Susie, what'll we gonna tell your momma, what'll we gonna tell you pa"....

Jaguar Skin Bracelet $175

The custom bracelets I create vary in price according to the amount of design time, time of execution and materials involved.

This is one of my very favorite bracelets. It has the most beautiful mexican fire agate I have ever seen and measures about a half inch across and a magnificent depth. I bought it from the person who polished it. It was on display. I pleaded. Egyptian Goddess Nut of the Cosmos in gold stands over the stone and the hand carved cosmic silver spirals frame it. Private owner.

The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl....the feathered serpent plays a prominent role in Aztec creation mythology as a son of Ometeotl, the central God of the Aztec, the God of Duality who has both male and female characteristics. Quetzalcoatl along with his brother Tezcatlipoca create the heavens and the earth. Quetzalcoatl represents balance and harmoney, fertility and the life force while his sibling represents conflict and change.

Maya glyphs can be used to create names or other words you may wish to express.

The wide band bracelets are typically masculine....on the right this particular one displays a brilliant Labradorite stone.... the glyphs are opposing maya jaguars....
on the left...These glyphs represent "white bone snake"..

The bracelets take on the character of the wearer. These are a few bracelets that I have made a few years apart. It is a pleasure to design a bracelet for a specific individual representing their character and aspiratations. Each piece I make I think about it being an heirloom for that individual to pass on. Life is short. An artist puts his soul into a piece of art....a philosopher whose name escapes me at the moment stated "a thing of beauty is a joy forever". That reality justifies to me my life's work. Everyone has something to give...that is my pleasure and that is my gift.


These images represent two different stamp patterns...the impressed areas are hand stamped (hammered) into the silver using custom stamps I have created. The style on the left is "Border" and on the right is "Rolling Stones"...I may have a stone for you to match a similar stamping pattern.....price range $165 depending on th stone chosen.


These silver glyphs represent name and birthdate glyphs. Each is on a leather bracelet strap.The glyphs are approximately 1 inch tall.....


This beautiful Imperial Jasper stone remind one of the "Big Bang" and this piece is titled "The Source"....The feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl is central in the Aztec creation myth.


This is a handsome metal link bracelet of sculptures of Texas musicians. Shown in the photo is Janis Joplin and just below Stevie Ray. There are 26 different Texas musicians shown on the Texas Music concho page. Any four can be put together for a Texas Musician unique bracelet.

The Maya Hunab Ku


Cupid's Arrow Bracelet...

Created in sterling silver...there are two additional hearts on the backside of the silver band.....$ me for sizing....


Horned Toad Links Bracelet

Created in sterling silver...this are my hand made silver links bracelet which includes the sterling silver horned toad...they were plentiful when I was a child...slow moving....rub their bellies and they would be in ecstacy. $148



Sizing a Bracelet

There are a few ways I recommend that you can determine an accurate way of measuring a wrist for a bracelet.

First....If you have a bracelet which you know is the correct can trace around the periphery of the bracelet with a pencil...inside and out.....mail that drawing to me.....I carefully bend a wire in that shape to fit within your drawing...cutting off the wire at the appropriate length.....straightening and measuring the wire....the final bending of the bracelet I approximate the appropriate curvature. Generally if the bracelet is the correct will conform to the wrist with repeated wearings..

Second...You can measure your wrist for a bracelet by cutting a piece of aluminum foil approximately
7" x 3". Fold the foil until it is approx. 7" x 1/2" . Fit around your wrist. Cut off the excess length. After you feel good about the size and comfort. Lay the foil flat again and measure the length. It will probably measure between 5 1/4 - 5 1/2 ".   A ladies wrist may measure slightly less than 5" and a man's wrist will rarely be larger than 6 1/4".

Third....I have made several lengths of copper bands that are sized....on request.....I can mail them to you.....try them on ...and tell me what your correct size and return the samples to me.........


more to come...