The Bola Tie...or Bolo Tie

The bola tie or bolo tie is a unique necktie from the US Southwest. It is the Texas State Tie but it's origins lie as well in Arizona . The earliest bola ties were probably the spare concho made as part of a set of saddle conchos.....Straps thru the conchos helped tie the leather parts of a saddle together. Both of these conchos are made from hand hammered US silver coins....

The Stevie Ray Vaughn concho on the left is one of over 20 Texas Musician Conchos I have created as earrings, belts or bola ties.

The concho on the right is a US silver 50 cent piece with sterling silver glyphs representing a date on the maya calendar. They are on my Maya Glyph Jewelry page.

The cords are black, braided leather and the tips are sterling silver.

Many of my custom Bola Ties can be seen on my Workbench Gallery.