Earrings in the Bag

Sterling or gold loops...

Hand hammered silver/gold loops. These can be handmade in the diameter of your choice. Designed by Jim for your enjoyment. $85 pair in sterling silver plus postage/insurance.
Available in gold.

Ear for Music
Texas musicians sculpted from US silver quarters. Shown is Lyle Lovett. 10% of profits go the the Sims Foundation providing health care for Austin working musicians. Choose from musicians on my Texas Musician Concho Belt page. $98 plus postage/insurance.

Cool Cats

Are these cool cats or what! They even have earrings of their own, actually if you look closely they have cheekrings of garnet. They are $75 plus postage.

The Sisters...Corn-Squash-Beans

The native americans honored the native plants that nourished their tribes. The native corn, squash and beans were the foundation of the indian diet. They were honored with the name The 3 Sisters. The earrings are silver, corn-brass, beans-copper, squash-silver. They dangle. $75 plus postage.

The spanish crosses are hand hammered from antique silver coins, they are slightly larger than US dimes. You can request various colors or types of stones. Black onyx is shown. Available with turquoise, amber, carnelian, garnet and others. Ask to have your sweethearts name engraved on the backside at no charge. $65 plus postage/insurance.

These sterling silver jade beaded birthday/anniversary earrings are from the Maya Calendar Round. Also available in gold. The calendar round is a 52 year cycle of unique days. Each day-month-year is represented by a unique combination of a day glyph and a separate month glyph. To the left of each glyph is a bar/dot number which combine to make this unique date. I engrave the Maya info on the backside and "with love" etc. $124. More information on my Mayaglyph pages.

The band members include the copper guitar, brass horn and sterling silver harmonica. Do you have another instrument you would like to request? They are attached to a sterling silver hanger. They move in rhythm. $75 plus postage/ins.

I accept payments by paypal.....Please contact me at
Jim Lutz, 148123 FM 973N, Manor, Tx. 78653 (512-2725170)

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