The Orphan Lamb
The Real Life Story
of White Top
by Jim Lutz/BolaMan
Day 6...Friday...October 3, 2003
Maybe I'm a cat?
White Top checking out the chicks.

4 a.m. White Top starts "bleeeeeat, bleeeat". She spent the night in a large box in the van. I know she is awake because the dogs are barking and the coyotes are yipping after hearing her calls of distress. The coyotes have never been up so close to the house .

Meanwhile Earfull is laying with her mother behind a fence not making a sound. The other sheep and our old goat are alarmed by the nearby presence of the coyotes. The old goat is always saying.......

The coyotes aren't listening.

Every sheep needs an education.

The elementary school zookeepers.
Getting her first kiss..from a guinea pig.