The Orphan Lamb
The Real Life Story
of White Top
by Jim Lutz/BolaMan
Day 21...Monday....September 21, 2003
The hog nose snake expanding his neck and testing the environment with his tongue.

Our border collie Iris and White Top were making alot of noise near a fence. I found a hog nose snake that was stuck half way thru the fence. They are interesting because they have 3 methods of defense. 1/Rattle like a rattler 2/Expand their neck like a cobra or 3/turn over and play dead. I cut away the fence to free it. They are not big egg eaters so I left it where I found it. I've only seen 5-6 hog nose snakes here in 25 years.

Helping with the chores....

White Top and Granite...

White Top spent the entire night for the first time in the sheep pen with her mother Earless and sister Earfull. That's a milestone. She is learning to be quiet at night and in times of danger.

It's been a busy week. The grandmother cat died and one mother hen died while laying eggs.
Two funerals were held. I caught a chicken snake near the chicken pen and I moved her/him a mile away.