The Orphan Lamb
The Real Life Story
of White Top
by Jim Lutz/BolaMan
Day 13...Friday.....October 10, 2003

Dancing and Prancing....

5:45 am...White Top is best at dancing and prancing. I'm thinking Letterman. She will twist her body and jump into the air joyfully.

She is getting bigger. She still attracts the attention of the coyotes when she bleats at night where she sleeps in the kitchen.

Her sister knows not to bleat when there might be danger around. She learns it from her mother. When I am standing next to White Top, she never bleats.

We have gone on some half mile hikes on the farm with the dogs. I was surprised today when she could run at dog speed for 30 yards. Then she suddenly realized she was to far from us. Bleat, bleat....

White Top and Sheepsitter Anacely

Oh, the guinea chicks moved out of the living room into a cage in the chicken yard until they are big enough to hide from the hawks who will carry them away if they are not careful. Tonight is the full moon, the "Hunter's Moon". I wonder if the owls will have any luck tonight.