Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Medallion - Holding the Peace Together©

Though I am not jewish, the day Mr. Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli an image came into my mind of a broken Star of David and during that day of sad news and broken hopes for peace, the idea of the communal hands holding the peace together was born as well. Please work for peace whereever you might be. The Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Medallion © titled "Holding the Peace Together" is 1 1/16 inch (26mm) in diameter. The original is cut from a hand hammered silver US quarter. It is available as a pendant with a silver chain or with a leather cord. On the reverse is engraved the above title, Y. Rabin (1922-1995) and is signed. Not shown on the photo is a sterling silver band loop attachment for chain or cord. This medallion is displayed by Norwegian author Michael Holmboe Meyer on the Nobel Prize Internet Archive. Text at this site is written in Norwegian and English. Also available is Light of the Menorah © which is made from a similar coin with a garnet centered between six menorahs.(See "In The Bag".)

Following a television program on Israeli Television a website was created for people who survived the Holocaust but because of their young age weren't aware of their family origins. If you know of someone who can benefit from this informational website, please refer them.

This medallion is also in the Peace Room on this webpage.

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